An update


Adding a second child to our family has been a joy but it sure has made me busy!

Elsie is now almost 6 months old. She got her 1st tooth on February 7th and her second on February 23rd. Haven’t gotten a picture of them yet but I assure you, they are sharp!

She loves it when I “nibble” on her cheeks or hands. She laughs with the biggest grin and wrinkles up her nose.

Elsie loves to put everything in her mouth. She is chewing and drooling during most of her waking hours.

Last week she became incredibly interested in our food. She has loved every type of food she’s tried, except the beef & beef broth. So far she has eaten bananas, squash, sweet potatoes, applesauce, pears & peas.

Next post I’m going to compare some pictures of Abigail and Elsie! I’m excited to see how similar or different they looked at each stage.

3 Weeks…

…and 2 days old.

Elsie is still doing great.

She still sleeps alot but has been having more awake time each day.

She loves to stick her tongue out at daddy and she has the biggest eyes.

She loves being held tight. It makes her feel safe and loved.

I love being her mommy.

Here she is tonight.


2 Weeks

Today Elsie turned 2 weeks old.

We went to the doctor to commemorate the occasion.

Elsie weighs 7lbs and she no longer looks yellow from her bout with jaundice. The dr. said she looks great and doesn’t have to go back again until she is 2 months old!

Here she is today.